Vemarine Energy takes a very proactive approach to project management. In order to do so, new shipbuilding and ship conversion teams comprise of marine engineers and more.

Shipyard Evaluation & Selection

Shipyard Safety, Security and Emergency Requirements and Procedures

Yard Responsibilities and Authorization

Contract Documents and Ancillary Requirements

Production Facilities / Infrastructure and Site Inspection Procedures

New Ship Building

Method of Payments

Title and Security

Plans and Technical Specifications

Warranties and limitations of Liability

Extras and Change Orders

Completions Dates, Insurance and Taxes

Vessel Plan Review

Newbuilding or Conversion Site Supervision

Steel Cutting, Steel Fabrication and Hull Block Construction

Hull / Tank Surface Preparation, Anti-Corrosive Coating, Final Coating Application

Machinery Installation

Electrical / Automation Installation

Cargo System Installation

Outfitting – Attendance at Factory Acceptance Tests, NDT Tests, Mooring / Dock Trials and Final Sea Trials

Major Equipment Selection

Functionality, Reliability, Maintenance

Other Project Managements

Scheduled and Unscheduled Site Inspections

Vessel Inspection Summary Reports / Monthly Reports To The Ship Owner

Vessel Delivery and Acceptance

Vessel Guarantee Claims Evaluation and Management

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